Saturday, June 21, 2008

Change can be painful...

After years of begging, I finally allowed one of kiddos to throw the change into the toll booth this weekend.  I guess my sweet child got a little confused and ended up throwing the $1.25 in loose change out the passenger window...and to make matter worse it HIT the attendant who was working the next booth over!  

I was so stunned I gunned it!  Of course the alarms go off (because we didn't deposit the money into the basket) and my son starts sobbing thinking that the police are coming after him and he is going to jail for sure.  It doesn't help that I totally start to crack up thinking about trying to explain this to the TDOT.

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Lindsey said...

Heather, Thank you for sharing that HILARIOUS story with me. It was so funny yesterday at church and just as funny reading it here today. Wow. I wish I had been in the back seat during that incident. Have a great day!!