Friday, July 25, 2008

It's the simple lessons in life...

You know, as a mother, I am constantly thinking about what profound lessons I need to teach my wonderful, angelic boys.  For example:

 "What the Holy Spirit is...and not what they THOUGHT it was (please see previous post, Church Germs, for details.)"  


 the ever-occurring lesson of the cartilage structure of the nose (they have banded together and swear they can touch their brain when a finger in jammed in deep enough in the nose.)

"the 310 reasons NOT to punch your brother."  especially when above experiment is in progress.

But, alas...I have somehow overlook a lesson.   I am truthfully surprised I did not receive suggestions on this lesson in at least ONE of the "What to Expect When..." books.  So I have decided to take this opportunity to share this lesson with everyone.

Things that do not belong in the toilet (that were rotor-rootered out of my over-flowing toilet today...)

1. toothbrushes (especially your mothers...)
2.  bouncy balls (now illegal in the D'Amico house due to multiple findings)
3.  forks (I am kinda still nervous since I am still missing 3)
4.  blue crayons (I don't CARE if you saw your friends have blue water in their toilet!)
5.  number 5 is still a mystery since it could not be identified.  I think at some point it was either a GI Joe or maybe Superman. (I knew I should have never told them what people do when fish die...)

If you think I am joking, or exaggerating in any form, I will happily introduce you to my plumber...we spent quite a lot of time together today.  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Angie, Angie, Angie...

So, with the upcoming birthday of our friend, Angie, I began to think of some reasons I was thankful for Angie:

1.  First person to say hello to me at Keystone.  (Isn't that cool...)
2.  She ALWAYS helps me look for the child that I am missing at the moment.  (This is beginning to be a weekly occurrence...very frustrating!)
3.  Angie actually was my very first blog subject ever...kinda freaky when I think about it!)
4.  She sings my favorite songs like an angel...Come Ye Sinners, None like Jesus...
5.  She loves OU.  Boomer Sooner, baby!!!
6.  GG.  (I think only she and Beth will understand that one!)
7.  She is all-knowing of FellowshipOne.
8.  She can sing in an australian accent.  (not so much thankful for that, but hey, it's cool)
9.  Angie is the chick that girls want to be, and all the guys want to hang with...she's cool like that.
10.  She sends me random texts during the week...and I love it!  (and between you and I and the internet...I really think she is just showing off that she can text at super speeds with her new iphone!!  I am on to you, sista!!!)

Simple list...but Happy Birthday, Friend!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I think God has His Holy Bullhorn to my heart again...

I just need to forewarn you of yet another serious post, but it has just really been on my heart for a few weeks now...

As I think about how much I love the family that I call Keystone, I cannot help but see how much pain and heartache passes through the doors of the church any given weekend.  While I know pain in life is expected, and I praise Him in those times because Paul tells us God's power is the strongest while we are at our weakness.  (I have personally experienced this in an amazing way!)  But what is pulling at the strings of my heart is how sometimes when I am at church I am all smiles and "make my rounds" to say hello with a quick hug.  As I sit here and blog, I am so sad to know that I have missed an opportunity to show God's love to people who needed it.  I get so rushed and scurry about (Jimmy in tow!) I do not slow down enough to REALLY ask how someone was doing... to really focus on how I can encourage them.  My heart has been sick while I think that I did not allow someone the time to really answer my question of, "How are you doing?"  

Interestingly enough, my devotion the other day was about Christ telling us to not dwell on the past, however focus on today.  I think God is shining his grace on me at this very moment to allow me the opportunity to learn more of what my mission is for Him.  I believe that God has absolutely set my heart on fire with a passion.  Although, I am not even sure what to word is for this yet...  maybe significance?  But I do know the point.  God does not want anyone to come into His house and leave without knowing of Him and everything He is...His grace...His compassion...His desire to call you His child and comfort you when you hurt.  God encourages us to gather in fellowship with one another for so many reasons, but one is to care for each other.  To encourage each other.  To comfort each other in times of grief as He has comforted us.  (I can literally feel the Holy Spirit screaming those words in the deepest part of who I am.) 

I sit here and think of how many wonderful friendships I have developed at Keystone.  Selfishly, I have thought that God has blessed me with these friends just, well...for just ME!  But tonight God has shown me there is more to why I have the friends that I have.  Most of my closest friends have such a strong walk, and faith that cannot be rivaled.  They have openly shared their stories of heartache and times they have had in the Valley of the Shadow.  And as I sit here God is showing me how through my wonderful, wonderful job at Keystone, along with the gifts that He has given important it is to connect people who are in whatever valley they are going through at the time, to those who are singing praises at the tops of the mountain over looking similar circumstances God has seen them through.  

I know there are people in place at Keystone that are already doing this...I immediately think of Jan Franke (Love you, Jan!).  Jan knew of tremendous heartache I had, and literally took my hand and led me to someone who could possibly help...or simply encourage me, if nothing else!  I know God had this profound moment for me for several reasons, one of which is to help me understand and to experience (taste and see!) what God wants me to do for Him. 

God is just so amazing...I have no more words...just humbled, thankful and excited.  My heart has just been overwhelmed with sorrow the past few days hurting for those who hurt in our church.  But in the sadness, God is near (!) and is beginning to define what He has planned for me.  Amen!!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just sayin'....just sayin'

So my dear, sweet friend, Sandi, challenged Noah (who, let me reiterate is NINE) to a swimming contest.    
Does anyone ELSE see how far she is stretching out?!  And look how intense her expression is...let me once again reiterate my son is NINE!!!

And here is a sweet picture of Landon.  He is saying some thing to me...I can't remember exactly what, but I think it started with, "My mom" and ended with "cheated!"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am in Strike.

Note to my two blog readers:

I am on strike until Sandi (my soul-sista) posts another blog.  

STRIKE, I tell you, STRIKE!

God's Purpose for you and me...

If you are like me, you have heard that phrase over and over again while we grew up in church.  "God has a purpose for you."  

I think I heard it so much I became deaf to it for many years.  Sure, I believed He had a purpose for those "power hitters" and people that had obvious talents that they could use for God.  But what about me?  To be honest, I thought maybe I was somehow skipped when God was passing out talents and gifts!  I have no huge talent, or obvious callings (or so I thought!)...I was just me.   Just me...but with a desire (that left me frustrated with what to do with it.)  I have thought that if I were a women with influence I would lead other women.  If I had a voice that could carry a note (actually on key!) I would sing to praise Jesus.  If I were uniquely creative I would create for Christ.  But I just don't have those talents--All I have is a desire. 

But news flash!  That is what God wants!  He wants us to have DESIRE to serve Him.  This revelation was huge to me!  And as a side note, I know that in the Bible it has told us that God speaks to us in the silence. "God is in the gentle breeze."  But to get this message across to me, I think my Holy Father must have pulled out His Holy bullhorn to get His point into this thick head of mine!

So, in my journey to discover what "God's purpose for me" is, I realize the first thing we must do is submit to that desire to serve God.  "I have a passion to serve You, Lord....what do You want me to do with it today?"  I encourage you to pray that prayer if you question your point and are feeling a little lost.  It has done amazing things in my life!  Acknowledging and submitting to the desire to serve God has allowed me to hear the gentle whisper that God has placed in my heart.  I get chills thinking about what God has planned for me.  

And one more thing...If you are like me, feeling frustrated at a lack of obvious talent.  Allow me to point out that TALENT and GIFTS are different.  I thought for the longest time that they were the same...but more on that later.  It is good stuff!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kodak Moments...

I took the boys swimming today, and Aidan (aka:  Handsy Bernard) got ahold of my camera,  so I ended up with a shot like this:

I kind of giggled at that, and then I scroll to the next "Aidan picture"  and I see THIS (Please note background!):

Which quickly resulted in THIS:

Sigh...caught by the camera.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

a mini Donald Trump...

Aidan: I'm hungry...

Me: I am not making you another sandwich.

Aidan:  You're FIRED!

An open THANK YOU!

I am not sure who left me a note on Jimmy's stroller this weekend...but thank you so much.  The words were amazing and SO encouraging to me!  I think I must have reread it about ten times since I have gotten home!  If you are reading this, please know how touched I am.