Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whoa!!! Warning!!

Current mood: disgusted and traumatized!

Okay, so I innocently read this book called Skinny Bitch. (sorry for the vernacular!) I thought it was a diet book...but alas it was not. It is a PETA book in disguise! Now I will never be able to eat meat again...I am scarred.

Woe is me...this book has me so freaked out that I can't even smell meat anymore. Have you ever walked into Kroger or somewhere and smelled the rotisserie chicken and though, "yummmm that smells so good!" I can't even do that anymore! I almost lost it the other day when I smelled someone grilling outside. Oh help...I am doomed to a life of soy milk and nuts...

So a warning to anyone wanting to continue to enjoy their hamburgers, or their BBQ chicken, or their steaks--DONT READ THIS BOOK!

I have subsequently sent the authors my therapy bills. Sigh....

Currently reading : Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure By Lorna J. Sass

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Coolest thing ever happened to me tonight

Wow. I mean a big WOW. I went to church tonight, thinking it was just going to be a normal communion and worship thing, my older two boys were getting baptized, so I was excited about that, but I never thought I would be the one that walked away with so much!
The pastor was talking, explaining that he was going to pray and then we were going to pray silently to ourselves. During this time, one of the singers (who I proudly would call a friend), Angie, comes OFF the stage. It was like slow motion, but I remember thinking, "whoa, she is looking at me…oh wow, she is getting closer…am I in trouble…oh she is walking to me! Then she leans over, and with the most caring, sincere look in her eyes, she said she wanted to pray with me. (I am starting to tear up even rethinking this! Haha) So, she starts to pray…not for my kids, not for my family, not even for my hubby who is in Iraq. But she prays for ME. It was like she knew what was on my heart, like she knew that I have been lonely and so overwhelmed.
It was easily one of the coolest moments in my life. I would have to say that it was one of the first times that I really got that God really knows what is going on in the deepest part of my heart. Things that I don't think that anyone understands, even if I tried to explain. I mean, I have always known that God knows, but this was like an immediate reaction to what I had been thinking on my way to church. I just remember driving to church and the kids were all yelling and had attitudes, I was stressed, hadn't heard from Craig, and I just felt so, so alone and I just thought, "Geez…you would think that God would give me a break just for a few minutes!" Which, I know, is a selfish thought… J
It was so touching. I want to say it was humbling, but it was more than that. It was uplifting. Encouraging. It was a sense of PEACE . Peace is something I rarely experience, but without doubt, I had peace.
Currently listening : Adoration: The Worship Album By Newsboys