Monday, July 27, 2009

What to REALLY register for when you are having a baby boy

Okay, ladies. Time to get serious here! SO many of my friends are expecting, and I am getting baby shower invitations like crazy. Of course along with the invitation I also receive the glorified registry information. Being the nosey person that I am, I always love checking out what moms-to-be have registered for... And I scroll through page after page of cute blankets, the latest bottles, the strollers, I always find myself thinking, "Oh, if they only knew..."

So, TODAY is your lucky day! As a slightly insane mother of four boys, I am going to share with you what you SHOULD register for as soon as you find out you are having a boy.

1. An industrial-strength gas mask. Need I explain this? I think not...

2. Food. Lots of food--as if you were stocking up for the next Y2K. Give your sweet little bundle of joy a few years, and he will soon eat you out of house and home! Stock up now, otherwise you will NEVER have a chance of EVER having a full pantry. EVEEEEER!!!!

3. A Mega-Phone...

4. ... and one that attaches to a machine with the following recorded phrases: Stop it. No. Sit Down. No. I said No. and the most important phrase: AIM INTO THE BOWL!!!

5. Bleach. I know there are probably a few of my environmentally-friendly moms who would protest the use of this chemical, but, TRUST ME, what we are bleaching helps keep the phrase "Skid Marks" as a term only used when referring to actual roadways.

6. Toy swords. Now, I am sure you may want to skip this item as you might think it may encourage violence. But let me tell you from personal experience...either you buy your boys swords or they will get creative. Boys and creativity are not always a good if you forgo store bought swords, just be prepared to use #4's last phrase OFTEN, if you get what I am sayin'.

7. Forget "What to Expect When You are Expecting" the only book you need to register for is How to make Bomb/Crashing/and Gun-Noises for Dummies. This is a MUST, ladies. If you cannot conquer these techniques you will lose credibility FOREVER. (I do offer classes for a small fee if you are interested.)

8. Botox. I know... interesting, right? But, trust me--it is to hide any trace of fear. Once they see your brow furrow over some reptile or bug they have brought in to "show" you...just know it will find a way into your sheets, or other random "SURPRISE--I SCARED MOM!" places. NEVER SHOW FEAR, Ladies!

9. Ear Plugs. Now I know you must be thinking the ear plugs will be for you, right? NOPE. These are for your precious little dude, or dudes. Why you ask? Let me explain that you will have days like this one, which will result in yelling that will reach a pitch only dogs can hear. And of course, as mothers, we DO want to protect our angel's little ears right?!

10. Personalized stationary. No, not with your name or fancy monogramed initials...but with the simple phrase "I am so sorry..." Check out a few times when this would have saved me a few pen strokes: the church germ incident, when pain is unintentionally inflicted on innocent bystanders, when they strip to their skivvies in public, or began one of the most traumatizing moment in not only your personal life, but also cause your neighbor to gouge out his eyes.

(Editors note: There has been a several hour delay to complete this blog due to the flashbacks of the most traumatizing moment. Apparently, I was found curled up in the fetal position mumbling something about "why? Why? WHY?!")


My final words of advise? Be prepared, have a plan, arm yourself! And be ready for the best time ever...I would not trade those dirty-faced little kisses, or the hugs that leave white powdered donut residue on my freshly dry cleaned black pants for the world! I am a PROUD mother of 4 wonderful boys.