Friday, July 25, 2008

It's the simple lessons in life...

You know, as a mother, I am constantly thinking about what profound lessons I need to teach my wonderful, angelic boys.  For example:

 "What the Holy Spirit is...and not what they THOUGHT it was (please see previous post, Church Germs, for details.)"  


 the ever-occurring lesson of the cartilage structure of the nose (they have banded together and swear they can touch their brain when a finger in jammed in deep enough in the nose.)

"the 310 reasons NOT to punch your brother."  especially when above experiment is in progress.

But, alas...I have somehow overlook a lesson.   I am truthfully surprised I did not receive suggestions on this lesson in at least ONE of the "What to Expect When..." books.  So I have decided to take this opportunity to share this lesson with everyone.

Things that do not belong in the toilet (that were rotor-rootered out of my over-flowing toilet today...)

1. toothbrushes (especially your mothers...)
2.  bouncy balls (now illegal in the D'Amico house due to multiple findings)
3.  forks (I am kinda still nervous since I am still missing 3)
4.  blue crayons (I don't CARE if you saw your friends have blue water in their toilet!)
5.  number 5 is still a mystery since it could not be identified.  I think at some point it was either a GI Joe or maybe Superman. (I knew I should have never told them what people do when fish die...)

If you think I am joking, or exaggerating in any form, I will happily introduce you to my plumber...we spent quite a lot of time together today.  


Diane said...

Love it! Especially the blue water! Lessons that we never thought we would need to teach...interesting. I am glad you have a great plumber!=)

Sandi said...

I am on strike now!

Rena said...

As a mom of 2 boys I can relate. We just had to deal with golf balls in our toilets!! This is pretty funny. Love your blog. Wish I had read this one about a year ago!