Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keystone Shout Outs!

I was thinking today about some different people at Keystone, so I thought I would blog about them...

First person was Sandi Walker (whom I have appropriately titled in my blog address).  Possibly the funniest person I know.  But what makes me like Sandi even more than her laugh-out-loud humor is her honesty.  I don't ever feel like I need to guess where I stand with Sandi.  I can tell her anything!  Love it!  I also LOVE the way Sandi loves her children...what a wonderful mother.  I aspire to be a mother and friend like her!   

So while I was thinking how cool it was that God has let Sandi and I become friends, I had to think about Diane Bohannan.  One thing about Diane Bohannan, is I always say "Diane Bohannan."  Aways.  I just love saying her last name.  Bohannan. Bohannan. Bohannan.  Okay, so not as fun to type...but you get the point!  And on with mine...  She has an amazing amount of faith.  Have you ever heard Diane (Bohannan!) pray?!?  Profound.  Impactful.  Inspiring.   Diane was the first person that I absolutely sobbed in front of....and she is so sweet and filled with compassion, she cried right along with me.  She will be a friend for life.

Then I started to think about the family link between Diane and Anne Hernandez...I have not really hung out with Anne a whole lot yet...but LOVE her!  I will openly admit that I have signed up on the waiting list to be her new BFF.  (Although, I did have to inform her, I may have to remove my name from that list because she used the phrase "cool beans."  Luckily no one was around, so I will leave my name pending.  But I had to give her the 411 that it is not 1992 and no one says that anymore.  Geez, Anne!)   But talk about great style!  She always looks super-fab.  And I figure that if you were standing in the end-zone of a football field with Anne, and I stood waaaay back at the 50-yard line...we would look about the same size! ahhh...proportional distance does wonders!  Can't wait to get to know her more....But for some reason, I think she might be interested in getting to know Holly Peterson more first.  And a personal note to Holly...the Bible DOES say 'Turn the other cheek!"

And who cannot help but think of Amber Mahon.  Pure joy.  I wonder what her flaw is...  I mean really, she is absolutely stunning, and even more beautiful on the inside.  Talented, friendly, compassionate...she is that woman that is described in the Bible as a Woman of Grace...and she laughs at farting jokes too. it bad that I even laugh as I type that?!  hahaha (still laughing!)

So I know Amber and Trey are good started thinking about Trey and Danni...but I can't blog about him again...that would be weird.  (except here is a thought...was it the Amber who made me think of Trey, or the thought of farting!?!)

To keep you on the train of thought I had...I then start thinking about my coworkers.  And I arrive at Eric.  I think Eric is one of my closest friends, and he probably doesn't even know it.  I have a ton of respect for him.  He made me feel valued at Keystone when I first joined...and it made such a difference in my own life.  He has a different style of leadership, and I think it will take him so far in his journey for God.  He is one of those leaders that is right there with you digging in the trenches...or whatever.  Sorry! I couldn't think if a good analogy.  I also LOVE the way he is in love with April.  He once told me her middle name and smiled when he said sweet!  And most of all...Eric is secretly skilled in some strange form of Karate.  I saw him do this side kick in the office today, and I think I grew an ab muscle from laughing so hard!  (Side note:  If you see an 'As Seen on TV:  Rock-hard Abs from laughing at Eric', just know the idea started here!  Do I hear the cha-ching of royalties?!)

And of course, THEN I think of April.  Sweet April.  My father-in-law swears she looks like Jodi Foster.  Do I hear an Amen?!  April carries herself so well, doesn't she?  When I first met her I thought...oh, better not hang around her too much--she is really smart!  (and just until that week, I had always spelled stopid with two 'o's.  Duh...everyone knows there is only one.)  And one more thing about April...home-girl can pray! enough of my mental train rides.  Maybe I will type more about my people- ponderings later...


Diane Bohannan said...

Okay! Love you and Love you again! I love my name too. It used to be Janiszewski. Try saying that 5 times fast! Or writing it. Bohannan is much much better. I sometimes add too many n's and a's though. Love that you are my friend til the end. I like rocking chairs so we will have to buy some when we are 80;)

David & Bethany said...

HA HA HA! I am DYING reading this have a perfect description of each! ;) And, I've never thought that April looks like Jodie Foster, but you are totally RIGHT!