Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My New Blog Designs...

Just wanted to send a huge thank you and shout-out to my wonderful friend, Amanda, for her work on designing my new blog!  She even designed the title bar.  Don't you just LOVE it!?!?  I do!!  I am so thrilled!

I just thought while I was sending her a shout out, I would share my thoughts about her.  I am in a list mood today, so here we go again with another list!

1.  LOVE her blog.  It is profound, intelligent and filled with hope.  I sat and read her blog for like 12 hours straight.  It was like reading a novel on someone's is AMAZING to see her journeys through life.

2.  I have massive respect for Amanda.  She carried herself with an air of grace that I have never seen out of anyone before.  I have such admiration for her...I really would aspire to be half the woman she is!

3.  What a writer!  What a gift God has given her!

4.  What a mother she is to her children!  

5.  Amanda is so compassionate.  I think she embodies the verse, Corinthians 1:4 to the fullest.  

6.  We are in the same CG, and I had shared a prayer request for one of my children.  OF COURSE when we started praying about it as a group, I got a little sniffly.  We hardly knew each other at this point, and in such a tender way, reached over and held my hand for the rest of the prayer.  Ugggg..the tears well up even as I type and remember that moment!  It was so caring and gentle...a sweet, sweet moment for me.  

7.  I am SO proud to call Amanda my friend.  She is one of those women that I know God has placed in my life for me to aspire to be like...

8.  Seriously, I think she posts the funniest FB comments.  So is so funny.

9.  She has a lot on her plate, but she is always calm and steady.  

10.  She once bought me a starbucks to work.  It was SO kind!  Made my week to know that someone thought of me.  Makes me smile now even thinking about it.  

I really am thankful for my friend, Amanda!!!

A day's worth of Honest Scrap

Wow!  So I guess since both my pals, Holly and Diane (BOHANNAN!!!!)  bestowed the Honesty Scrap award to me, I thought I would put a little spin on my second posting...  I will be honest about my day today!  

1.  I did not want to wake up this morning.  I am sure most people would agree with me on this one, but the honesty kicks in here:  I negotiate with myself.  I think things like this, "Okay, I will snooze until the next odd number ending in a 7."  Or one of my favorites, "I will just lay here until I reach a number that is prime while also even."  I know.  Craziness....and it doesn't help that I am trying to figure out numbers at 5:30 in the morning anyway!

2.  It AMAZES me that after much thought, efforts, organization, crying and screaming (on my part!)--there is always one child that cannot find his shoes, backpack, sock, toothbrush or underwear that has the pattern and preferred fit in the morning.  I feel like my eyes bulge out of my sockets every morning before 7:30.  I am totally not kidding.  But in my defense, try getting ready for work, getting the younger two ready for the nanny, older two ready for school, 4 lunches, 8 shoes, 80 teeth to brush, etc, etc, all by yourself every single day--and get to work before 8:00.  Not complaining...just saying!  (Side note:  it is always the same child that can never find his stuff too!) 

3.  I checked with Eric (my go-to-guy for spiritual questions) and he agreed that it is okay I do not do my devotional in the morning (see above for explanation!)   I should do it when I can give my best, and be open to what God is telling me through quiet time.  

4.  When I am at work I think I go into a zone.  Several people have commented on sorry!  I get very serious and focused, and I forget to smile and be the fun person I can be.  I think I did this today...yikes!   Good thing everyone up there likes me anyway! 

5. is a good one.  Being very honest here.  Due to several bad ear infections, and also having 4 boys, I am slightly hard of hearing... especially when there is other noises other than what I focusing on.  Today, one of the guys was saying something to me, I totally couldn't hear what he was saying, so he said it again.  Still did not hear him.  So I just smiled and went and sat down at my desk.  He was probably asking me a question too.  sigh...

6.  Talked to Martha (wink wink) on the phone at work today...and I didn't rush the conversation either.  I have piles of work to do, but I took my 10 minutes and laughed and giggled and felt very happy.

7.  Once I leave the office at 3, it is non stop until bedtime.  I have no idea where the time goes.  It seems like this is a "non-time period."  It is the strangest thing.  It is the black hole of the day. 

8.   We went to Target to grab stuff to make dinner tonight.  We have a standard two-cart trips. One cart hold the little boys, the other cart holds the bread and stuff we are buying.  We have a crazy, crazy method of how we operate when in stores.  Very militant.  I guide the group, pushing the little boys, Noah follows me pushing the groceries, while Caleb helps steer Noah's cart when needed.  Today was different.  Caleb wanted to push the grocery cart.  I do not like change, but I was trying to be a good mother and easy going.  (I am NOT easy going, so I don't know why I bother trying!)  Let me just end this paragraph by telling you it REALLY hurts when the shopping cart runs into the back of your heal for the 10th time in 4 minutes.  why 4 minutes you ask?  After 4 minutes, Noah was back in charge of the grocery cart, and my eyes are bulging out of their sockets once again.

9.  I love my new SUV.  It has changed my life!!  I love the space!  But the funny thing is, now we have a whole extra row of seats, and all the boys still cram into the same row!  What's with that?!

10.  I really don't like sharing my drink.  All the boys always ask me for a sip of whatever I may be drinking at the time.  I always feel stingy for saying I end up saying yes.  So what happens?!  When I go for a drink of MY drink it is always gone.  I am sitting here staring at an empty water bottle that I just opened.  I think my eyes are starting to bulge again...

Friday, December 12, 2008

You love me, you REALLY love me!

I won!  I won!  Thanks to Holly Peterson ( bestowed this wonderful Honesty Blog award on me.  I am so here I go.  10 Honest Things about Me:

1.  I am so competitive.  We have discussed this before...but just to reiterate, I am crazy competitive.  In fact, when called Sandi to tell her about this "award"--I had to hurry up and post before she did!  And just to take it one step further in my honesty, when I saw that I was listed AFTER Kelly Jones (LOOOOVE HER!) I was secretly bothered...but at least I made the first line, right?

2.  I over think EVERYTHING. Just ask Eric Colquett.  I drive him nuts in the office...  

3.  I have a secret joy in driving Eric nuts in the office.  Bwahh-hahahaha......  (that is my evil laugh, could you tell?!)

4.  I love practical jokes.  love, love, love jokes.  Without naming names, I had a fake snake in the office and SOMEONE screamed like a girl.  Bwahh-hahahaha....

5.  I have a crazy fear of my children doing I made them watch Intervention on A&E...yeah, I doubt they will ever do drugs.  Or even white tic tacs, because they look like drugs. 

6.  I get really nervous when people help me...or even offer to help.  If I accept the help, I cancel at the last minute 90% of the time.  But the Lord has put great friends in my life that don't really care if I am nervous.  They insist.  That, or Sandi will accept on my behalf.  Poor Rachel Bruce offered to take my boys to school on Fridays (my off day) so I could just stay at home with the little dudes.  I kept saying, "no, no no..."  and Sandi walked up mid-conversation, and said, "what in the world? " turns to Rachel and makes all the plans.  haha...

7.  I NEVER try  clothes on in the store. Ever. Why you ask?  don't ask. 

8.  I have an unhealthy love of makeup.   It's really bad, people...REALLY bad, I tell you.  In fact, I think I am going to start my own makeup review on my blog...because I have tried it all!

9.  Interesting fact:  I won first place in a photography contest in the state of Kentucky.  My photo hangs in the Cincinnati Airport.

10.  I pray for my children--I pray that God will be their center.  I pray that they will find and be confident in their purpose for Him.  I pray that they will know, and surrender themselves to the gifts God has given them.