Saturday, January 17, 2009

A 'brief' movie review

We are a family of routine.  We all have our certain way of doing things.  For instance:  every morning, Noah and I discuss the weather...then proceed to argue why we do not wear shorts when it is 30 degrees outside or a sweat shirt in the TEXES summer!    Another example is as soon as Caleb takes off his shoes (outside), his socks are to IMMEDIATELY go to the washing machine (please see "My Nose is on Strike" post for details).  Need one more example?  If you ever drop in for a surprise visit to my home, just know you will see Aidan wearing the bare minimum of required clothing (most of the times not even that!).  It is just our way...and I have never had a problem with any of this until TODAY.

I thought that I would be a good mother and take my little angels to the movies.  This is quite a task, might I add.  Popcorn arguments, candy arguments, drinks spilling as we walk, blah blah blah...  To get into the actual theater, I feel like I should go ahead and book my room in the insane asylum for the following day.  No kidding.

I get everyone seated and settled, only to turn around to see that Aidan has made himself quite at home--wearing nothing but Scooby Doo underwear.  I begin the talent of speaking through gritted teeth  all while still smiling (a skill mothers earn!) and Aidan quickly remedies the situation ... we  begin to settle in to watch the previews, as I start to catch my breath from counting backwards from 10.  Feeling that everything would be okay now, I am beginning to redeem my "Good Mother" feelings once again...I look at my children sitting happily munching on their munchies...sweet little Jimmy eating a hotdog.  Sigh...  life is good, until I remember one horrifying detail:

I. did. not. buy. hotdogs.