Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My weekend at Keystone...(Part One)

I actually just found this draft...I think I meant to post it a while ago... But whatever.

I must warn are about to enter a dangerous territory: the ramblings of my brain.

Saturday Night:
It took us almost 13 minutes to get out of the car. Between digging in the car to find Caleb's other shoe (oddly enough we weren't able to find it by smell...), realizing Jimmy threw his sippy cup out the window somewhere on 1709, and Aidan had some sort of explosion causing a smell that I think alerted the Environmental Protection Agency. (Which I think is why we were not able to smell-out Caleb's shoe.) I think I was sweating by the time I actually got in the doors.

Saw John E...felt the urge to apologize again for Aidan ripping up the paint in the 4 year old room. (Don't ask...still emotional about that one!)

Saw Eric and Rob. I love those guys...I feel like they are like older brothers. Great guys.

Oh, and Angie! She looked FABULOUS in that red dress. I am thinking about starting a petition to force her to wear bright colors more. And she called me her "favorite Suki" I love her for that. ( know what I am taking about! Shout out to all my GG fans!)

Speaking of GG...Had a conversation with Angie about it, and I totally saw Eric roll his eyes. Lemme just say, I weigh about 200 pounds more than Eric, and I will throw down if anyone ever disses Gilmore Girls. And besides...He watches race car driving. Seriously. OH...AND he was in Future Farmers of America. So, hmph!

Robin is home! If you have not meet Robin--she is so fun. I am trying to get her blogging. She is hysterical.

Chatted with Diane (Bohannan!). I always feel relieved to see her...and she gives the best hugs. Seriously, love, love, love her!

Music was great. Loved that song Surrender. (I will buy anyone a Starbucks who helps me find out who sings that on iTunes).

Brandon's Message: awesome, as always...