Thursday, January 24, 2008

Church Germs

A volunteer at church walked past us wearing her red Keystone Staff shirt. My son, Noah, stops dead in his tracks and pulls at my arm (I am surprised I even felt it, carrying 2 kids, and trying to explain in a hushed voice why it is not appropriate to fart in church to my 3rd son.)
Noah is wild-eyed and pointing at this dear lady in red.

"Staff!" he yells..."she has staff! Don't touch her!!"

I then had to stop my detailed explanation that"passing wind" is not the same as the Holy Spirit even if you do it in church, to the difference between STAFF and STAPH (infections).


martha said...

OMG!! I am peeing. I normally don't laugh out loud, especially alone, but THAT is funny!!!
Did u ever get my email about Sunday? I hope I got the right addy and am not shooting off invites to some volunteer I don't even know!! Who might have STAPH!!!

Sandi said...

oh jeez - did I wear red sunday? haha just kidding - Cute stuff!

DIDI said...

I think it was me. I think I am the only person who wears RED STAFF shirts. Well, David too, but I think he is on strike because no one else wears them anymore.